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Service Area

Greywater Aerobic Septic Services offers affordable service on numerous brands of systems. If you need a maintenance contract, system repairs, or just have some questions, give us a call anytime! We service parts of Montgomery, Waller, Harris, and Grimes counties.

Locations of Service: Tomball, Magnolia, 1488 Area, Conroe, Willis, Montgomery, Spring, Cypress, & more

Brands  of Systems: AquaKlear, Aqua Safe, Cajun Aire, Clearstream, Delta Whitewater, Hoot, Hydro ActionPro Flo, Southern, & more


Yearly Maintenance Contracts

          • A Greywater technician will come out once every four (4) months* to inspect your aerobic septic system. All technicians are in clearly labeled Greywater work shirts and will knock on the front door when they arrive at your home. A blue decal on or near the control panel will be dated at every maintenance and a copy of the maintenance report will be left detailing everything that was checked. Any repairs that are needed will be clearly stated on the maintenance report. Our trucks are fully stocked with parts and 95% of the time our technicians can repair your system right away. No having to waits weeks to order parts! (*Harris county requires maintenance inspections every three (3) months)

• Aerobic Septic Repairs

          • We can repair virtually every item on your aerobic septic system.

                    • Replace / Rebuild air compressors

                    • Replace water pumps / Pull & clean water pump screens

                    • Replace broken spray heads / Repair broken spray lines

                    • Repair electrical wiring / Replace electrical components ( Photo eye, timers, control panels, etc)

                    • Installation of new risers and lids

                    • Repair broken air line and replace diffusers

          • If you have a Red or Yellow light on feel free to give us call!

• Real Estate / Home Buyer Aerobic Septic Inspections

          • Do not purchase a home that has an aerobic septic without getting the system checked by a licensed professional! A licensed Greywater technician will go over every detail of the aerobic septic to ensure that you are buying a well running system.

                An installation drawing will be pulled from the county to ensure the aerobic septic system is to code

                • Spray head location, type of spray head, and number of spray heads will be checked against the drawing

                All electrical components, pumps, filters, and lines will be thoroughly inspected

Customer Referral Program 

We are now offering a referral program to all of our customers. For every customer you refer to Greywater, you will get one free maintenance!

How it works:

Just have the person you are referring to us mention your name and if they sign a maintenance contract with us you will receive one free maintenance on the following year’s contract. 

Greywater Aerobic Septic

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